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Patient Resources

At Santé Plus, we want to help make your upcoming visit a great care experience. Here you will find information, forms and instructions to help prepare for your visit


There’s a lot you can do after you register and log in:

  • Book, reschedule or cancel appointments

  • Get lab results

  • Review your medications and get prescription renewals

  • View your personal medical record and update your information

  • Browse and read educational materials on a wide range of health topics

  • Share secure messages with the staff in your Sanitas medical center

  • Receive reminders about upcoming appointments, events and preparation for tests and procedures

  • View referrals to specialists and request new ones

How to access your patient account

  •     Once your Patient Portal is activated, you will receive an email from Santé Plus. The email will contain your patient portal username, password and the patient portal URL link.

  •     Click the link in the email to launch the patient portal

  •     Enter the user name and password provided to you in the email. Click login

  •     The user validation screen will display. Enter your date of birth or phone number. Click submit.

  •     You will be required to enter a new password and select a security question. When complete, click confirm.

  •     The next window requires you to provide consents. Read the  AdvancedMD Consent Form. Click Next.

  •     Read the practice consent form. Check the box “I have read the consent form and the above information”. Click submit.

  •     A small window will ask you to confirm. Click ok.

  •     The patient portal screen will display.

  •     Categories appear along the left hand column of the window.

  •     Click the home image to return to the screen at any time.

  • An email from the Patient Portal will be sent to you when new messages or updates to your medical record are posted to the portal. You MUST log in to the portal to review. No medical information will appear in an email.

  • If you forget your password and you are blocked from the portal, or you have questions about navigating the portal, please contact us at 1-800-235-7464

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